About the Scholarship Program oHoH

oHoH is involved in five schools with their Scholarship Program oHoH (hereafter called SPO). Most students are from Deurali school and Mahendra school but we also have students in three other schools.

We started the SPO because we wanted to change as much children’s lives as possible. Children who don’t have the opportunity to go to school on a daily base. Some children could only come to school when their family had money to pay the school fee. Some children didn’t go to school at all. Their families were simply too poor to pay school fee so the child had to help in the field or at the local factory to earn some money for the family. Orphans from rural areas even have a worse life. They hardly ever go to school and not many people care for these children. oHoH is trying to improve those lives by providing them with a full scholarship so these children can go to school to improve not just their own lives but also the lives of their beloved ones.


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Most of our students are between the age of 4 to 14. This means from ‘nursery’ up to ‘class 8’. After class 8 our scholarships program stops for these children unless the sponsor makes clear to us that he/she wants to keep sponsoring the child. This means that the sponsor price will go up. We can not afford secondary school with the prices we ask. We want to keep it avoidable so many sponsors can join our SPO.

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