New Classrooms For The NVA School

The Mahendra School is a partly community, partly Government School. NVA School used to be a community school which merged with the Mahendra School in 2016. From this day on the name NVA ceased to exist. All NVA students moved to the Mahendra School.

In 2011 we commissioned Sunrise School and changed it into NVA, which has now become Mahendra School. After the commissioning we immediately started renovating the complete school building. We started with the toilets followed a few months later by four classrooms. Three classrooms would become regular classrooms and one would become the new staff room. After finishing these four rooms we started building a new computer lab including an environmental friendly power system with a big solar panel. To read about the computer lab project press this link–>  Computer lab

When we first came to Sunrise School it was falling apart. The toilet was an open toilet with a panorama view and the classrooms where not that much better, no roof for instance. The rooms didn’t have doors and the walls and roof were in a bad state. You could see the mountains right through the walls. Nothing was plastered up, rain had free play and there were rats living in the rooms. Not the best place to be working with children … Time for a desperate renovation. 

Old situation of the NVA School

We started the renovation at the end of September 2011, briefly interrupted by the monsoon. It was a hugh project since we basically had to start from scratch. After rebuilding some walls, it was time for the roof. Because we didn’t have that much money to spend it had to be a low cost roof. So we couldn’t make the roof out of steel. So we used a wooden frame covered with corrugated iron. Waterproof and cheap but not that strong, as we discovered a few months later when a storm blew of the complete roof. (see Gallery – Mahendra school) However, after rebuilding it, it never came off again. 

Besides rebuilding the interior we also changed the outside of the rooms. There were no eaves in front of the rooms so students and teachers could not take shelter against rain, hail or other cloud related substances. While there was a small open area in front of the rooms there was no place to sit down, so we also changed that.

It all turned into a big project and lasted for at least 4 months. But the end result was worth it and for the first time since the opening of the Sunrise School, class 4, 5 and 6 students had their own classroom. 

Curious how it looks now? Go to Gallery –> “Mahendra (NVA) Album” –> “Classrooms NVA”



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