New Classrooms For The Thumki School

Shree Thumki Community Boarding School is situated a very small village called Thumki. The school was established in 2063 BS (2006 AD). The school has 11 classes: from nursery up to class 8 (3 – 14 year old students).

In 2008 oHoH became involved in the Thumki School with the start of the “Toilet Building” project. Just before that one of the villagers had donated a new field where we would not only be able to build the new toilet building, but also a new school including two new ‘bricked’ class rooms and a bigger playground.

Old situation of the Thumki School

In March 2009 we started moving the old school to the newly donated field just below village center. At that time some builders had already started with the new toilet building. Since we already had all the people and builders we decided it would be the right moment to start building two new “bricked” classrooms as well.

We faced the same problems as when we started building the new toilet building: where to source all the building materials? And as with the toilet building, we also needed a lot of volunteers to carry up all the stones for the foundation and the wood for the door frames and roof frame. We had to saw all the beams for these frames and had to dig a huge foundation pit. It took us more than 4 weeks to complete all these tasks. Only after this could we start building the two new “bricked” rooms.

With the preparations for the “bricked” rooms underway, some teachers and volunteers started building the “corrugated iron” classrooms. This was nothing more than a wooden structure covered with corrugated iron. Unfortunately we didn’t have another choice as oHoH didn’t have enough funds to build a complete “bricked” school. So we had to build the school partly with corrugated iron and partly with bricks. oHoH was able to finance one bricked classroom, while another foundation financed the other classroom.

The building itself took about 2.5 months, split in half by a monsoon. We started rebuilding the school beginning of March but the “bricked” rooms weren’t finished until at the end of October. Luckily the “corrugated iron” rooms were finished before the monsoon kicked in.

All in all it was a lot of hard work but a very rewarding job. Since the start of the school in 2006, the students had had to face steep cliffs, unhygienic toilets and danger of mud slides. Now, after 8 months of hard work – including a monsoon stop – the teachers and students had a new school, a new hygienic toilet building, two new classrooms, no steep cliffs anymore and they also got a new safe playground.

To see more photos of the new classrooms go to Gallery –> “Thumki Album” –> “Classrooms Thumki”



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