New Computer Lab For The NVA School

The Mahendra School is a partly community, partly Government School. NVA School used to be a community school which merged with the Mahendra School in 2016. From this day on the name NVA ceased to exist. All NVA students moved to the Mahendra School.

In 2011, after commissioning Sunrise School, changing it into NVA and then into Mahendra School, oHoH started renovating the complete school. We started with the toilets followed by the classrooms. Once the classrooms were finished, a new computer lab was built including an environmental friendly power system with a big solar panel.

The old building we were going to use was nothing more than 4 broken walls. There was a lot to do. We needed to strengthen all the existing walls and make a complete new roof since there was no roof. Furthermore we wanted to have some kind of power system to keep the computers going without using the electricity net. We wanted to go ‘green’. We ended up buying a big solar panel combined with two huge “solar batteries” to store the electricity provided by the solar panel. 

Old situation of the computer lab

The new computer lab used to be a small administration office which had become a nesting place for the neighbor’s chickens and goats. Before starting any renovations, we had to ensure the animals couldn’t access the school grounds any more. This was achieved by installing a gate, closing off the entrance to the school. This little project took us about 4 weeks: 3 weeks for making the gate and another week for building the remaining brick wall next to the gate.

Having effectively prevented any animals from entering the school grounds, we could finally start building our computer lab. After a short 6 weeks the building was almost completed. It was time to install the solar panel. Luckily, this only took a few hours. After two months rebuilding the old administration office the new computer lab was a fact. And for the first time since the opening of the school, nearly 12 years earlier, the students from class 3 to 6 received their first practical computer lessons. Until then they had only received computer lessons from a book. Now they would really know how a computer looks like, feels like and most important: how it works.

To see more photos of the computer lab press the following link–> Gallery and go to: “Mahendra (NVA) album” and press the third album.



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