Dental Camp At The NVA School

The Mahendra School is a partly community, partly Government School. NVA School used to be a community school which merged with the Mahendra School in 2016. From this day on the name NVA ceased to exist. All NVA students moved to the Mahendra School.

Health and hygiene is one of our most important goals. Over the last years we already built 4 new toilet buildings at several primary schools. We made sure schools got access to clean drinking water and at the NVA/Mahendra School we also organized a Dental Camp.

All children, being a scholarship child or not, got free dental care during Dental Camp. We contracted a group of dentists from Pokhara to come to the school to give a dental treatment. Needless to say that oHoH paid all the bills. Furthermore, all children got their blood type checked that day. That’s part of organizing a dental camp according to the dentists.

Very primitive but it seems to be working.
This child is getting his blood type checked.


For many children it was the first time they got in contact with a real dentist. A lot of families already have problems cooking enough food for their children. A dentist is absolutely out of the question. That money has to be saved for more urgent matters.

Since it was the first time for many children you can imagine that there was a lot of crying that day. Many children screamed at the top of their lungs. If it wasn’t the dental treatment which made them cry, it would be the fairly big needle they used to check the blood type, which would let them burst into tears. It was heartbreaking to see. But to get a good set of teeth it needed to be done.

Luckily, after one complete day all 60 students and teachers had had their check-up and, as a reward for being so brave, all children went home with a free toothbrush and free toothpaste.    

For more photos of the dental camp, visit our “Gallery



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