There are many projects oHoH would like to get involved in, be they school- or community based. However, finding sufficient funding to complete these projects is a challenge. If you would like to support us by sponsoring a project please do not hesitate to do so. For project ideas you can visit our Projects site to see if you want to donate to a certain project. At the moment we are trying to find funds for a new school bus for the Deurali School.  

You can use the PayPal button for a one-off donation and we will make sure your money is used for our projects. Our overhead costs are zero. All the money we receive is used for the projects, and thus for the children.

Please don’t hesitate: donate to “Our Home Of Hope” Foundation and start giving Nepali children a brighter future.

(Note: Since PayPal is not supported in Nepal we have no other choice but to use a foreign PayPal account in the name of: k.van.rosmalen / inzake Nepal (co-founder of oHoH). Every donation made to this account is transferred directly into the bank account of Our Home Of Hope Foundation. You can also choose to deposit your donation directly into the foundation`s account. So make your choice and start helping the Our Home Of Hope Foundation. Your help is most needed.

Donate now by using PayPal

Or donate by using a bank transfer

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