How Does The SPO work?

At the moment oHoH is involved in five schools with the SPO. Most of the student are from Deurali and Mahendra school. Besides that we also have some children in other schools and at the moment we also have two students at secondary schools.

The program is quite simple: children who never or hardly ever go to school can be a scholarship child. Most of the children are between 4 and 14 years old. This means from ‘Nursery’ up to ‘class 8’. To keep the prices payable we decided to stop our SPO after class 8. Class 9 and up is twice the price of a normal lower secondary school student. So to keep people on board of our program we stop our SPO after class 8.

However, sponsors can choose to keep sponsoring the child they already sponsored for many years. oHoH will, of course, do all the necessary work to make sure everything goes smoothly for the secondary school student. We will help the student where necessary with choosing the school, with paying all the fees and we will help the students with buying all the textbooks, copies, etc which are needed. But important is that people need to know that the price can go up to over €250-300 annually.   

Those who want to sponsor a child can register by using the “Contact” page (or press this link: Contact Us) by sending an email. In the near future people can directly register here on the site to become a sponsor but at the moment we have to use email.

To sponsor a child it will cost 175 euro annually. The money will be used as follows:

School Fees:

Monthly fee;
Annual fee;
Administration costs;
Computer fee;
Transportation costs (school bus);
If organized, a school tour / picnic.


Two trousers/skirts;
Two shirts;
School tie;
Socks and shoes.

School supplies:

Pens and pencils;
Sharpener, eraser, ruler, protractor;
Calculator (Class 7-8 students);

Most of our students are between the age of 4 to 14. This means from ‘nursery’ up to ‘class 8’. After class 8 our scholarships program stops for these children unless the sponsor makes clear to us that he/she wants to keep sponsoring the child. This means that the sponsor price will go up. We can not afford secondary school with the prices we ask. We want to keep it avoidable so many sponsors can join our SPO. After all, a high school fee has a deterrent effect, which is why we choose to stop sponsoring after class 8. However, the child has a completed school education up to class 8 and therefore already has an advantage over many other children who did not have that opportunity. This child already has a greater chance of a better life despite the fact that our sponsoring ends after class 8. But that is up to the sponsor, who can keep sponsoring the child if he / she chooses for that. And as a result the child will even have a greater chance of a better life.

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