New Library For The Deurali School

Deurali school is a partly community, partly government school with children traveling from far to study at this school. The school has 11 classes: from nursery up to class 8 (3 – 14 year old students).

In 2016 the Deurali School asked our foundation if we could help them with a new toilet building. Their toilet building was in desperate need for some renovation. As a matter of fact, it had to be broken down. While doing this we also got the request for a new library building because the old building had suffered from the devastating earthquake which hit Nepal in 2015. The building was not save anymore. 

So around October 2016, after collecting the necessary funds, we finally started to build the new library building. And that was necessary, as you can see…

Below: the old library including a staff room and a classroom. If you look closely you can see the roof coming off due to the earthquake.

While building the library we also came up with the idea to start a new “School Lunch ”  program which was all about nutritious lunches for the most needy children (see also: “School Lunch “.) So we also decided to build a new kitchen attached to the new library. 

As so many times before we could not have done this project without the help of  Stichting FortUna (= Dutch foundation). They provided us with the majority of the funds to realize this project.  

If you are curious how the new library looks now then please visit our Gallery. You will find a nice collection of photos from the majority of our projects. You will even find several videos of special moments filmed at different schools.  



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