New School For The oHoH Foundation!

The Machhupuchhre School is a government school. The school has 15 classes: from nursery up to class 12 (3 – 18 year old students). The school has a regional function, students come from far to study here.

Normally, oHoH only helps community schools and not private or government schools because private schools are commercial businesses and helping a commercial company does not fall within our objective. Furthermore, we believe that government schools should help their own students and should not rely on (I)NGOs to pay the bills. But in this case we make an exception for once. The pupils of this school do not even have enough money to pay for the minimum: textbooks, exercise books, a simple school bag, pens, pencils, etc. We therefore believe that we can help these students by giving them these necessary school supplies so at least they come to school well prepared. We do this because of the regional function of this school. Children from all around come to this school because it is the only choice they have when it comes to affordable education.

We start our help from the beginning of the new Nepalese school year (April 2019).

The school has 15 classes, from kindergarten to 4th grade high school. The school has a team of 28 people, from the principal and teachers to the school bus driver. There are currently 235 students. About ten years ago the school had more than 700 students, but due to poor management, the number of pupils decreased considerably. The school now has a different management team and their goal is to increase enrollment by more than 50% in 2019 by adding new elements to school such as a new modern computer room. And we at oHoH like to help to improve this school by sponsoring students so they come well prepared to school.



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