Our Home Of Hope Has A New Website

oHoH is a Nepalese based foundation. Since 2006 we have been involved in many different school projects. oHoH is trying to change the life of the underprivileged child/youngster in rural areas.

Sometimes we look at ourselves and think: “I want to change this if I could, and this and this….” We want to have a makeover if it would be possible. And the nice thing with website is that we CAN have a makeover. And that is what we did here. Our Home Of Hope Foundations has a renewed website! 

After 3 years it was about time to give our site a big makeover. A fresh lick of paint, as it were. 

We have less pages but also new pages, less photos, a different color scheme, a blog! and a lot more. So have a look around and let us know down below in the comment box what you think about our newly designed website.    

home - Capture 17-min


1 thought on “Our Home Of Hope Has A New Website”

  1. Wow the new site looks great, must have cost a lot of time and effort. Great work!! Hope I can help with your projects together with my friends since I am living in Nepal. Thumbs up!!!

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