School Meals For The Deurali School

Deurali school is a partly community, partly government school with children traveling from far to study at this school. The school has 11 classes: from nursery up to class 8 (3 – 14 year old students).

The Our Home Of Hope foundation strongly believes in healthy food. Healthy food not only ensures a strong body but also a mentally strong body. Children who start with a good healthy breakfast immediately have a head start. Unfortunately, many Nepalese children come to school with just a cup of tea and some cookies or noodles for breakfast. Or they only eat some white rice without any vegetables.

We, from Our Home Of Hope Foundation, have therefore started the “School Lunch Project” to prevent these disadvantaged children from lagging behind in their development. Through this project even the poorest children get a healthy meal but this time just at school.
The meals consist of rice / noodles, potatoes, vegetables, an occasional piece of meat or an egg, onion, garlic and healthy herbs such as masala, ginger and turmeric.

We work with a weekly menu, we offer something different every day. The week runs from Sunday to Friday and the menu is repeated weekly. So every Monday the children eat noodle soup for instance or on Tuesday the children eat rice with a seasonal vegetable, etc.

Our goal is for all children to receive a meal at school, but we cannot afford to give all these children a free meal. So the families who can afford it have to pay a small amount for their meal. More and more families are seeing the benefit of this meal project and therefore more and more children are participating in this meal project. Currently, between 40 and 50 students are taking their meals from school and we hope that this number will increase considerably during the year.

If you want to help us with our “Healthy School Meal” project please visit our donate page by pressing the following button…



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