New School Bus For the Deurali School..?

Deurali school is a partly community, partly government school with children traveling from far to study at this school. The school has 11 classes: from nursery up to class 8 (3 – 14 year old students).

Since the Deurali School has been renting a school bus for Rs.40,000 p/m (approx. $400) the enrollment of students has increased with more than 30%. But the school didn’t have the resources to keep renting that bus so they decided to pick up the children in a normal pickup truck. The car drives up and down between the villages to pick up the students and drop them off at school. This is a very hazardous operation. It is not a very save way of transportation, to say the least….!  See the photo below. 

Some months ago the  school asked us (and a English Secondary School) if we could help them to “buy” a second hand school bus. Therefore oHoH has been busy searching for funds to help the school buying their much needed school bus.  Stichting FortUna (= Dutch foundation) has donated a considerable part (half) of the total amount we need. So hopefully we come back soon with some good news.

So keep an eye on our blog to see if we succeeded in obtaining enough money to buy that second hand bus.

If you want to help us with buying this new school bus please visit our donate page by pressing the following button…



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