The NVA School Hit By Huge Storm

The Mahendra School is a partly community, partly Government School. NVA School was a community school which merged with the Mahendra School in 2016. From this day on the name NVA doesn't exist anymore. All NVA students moved to the Mahendra School.

Besides all prosperity NVA also knew adversity. In 2012 the school was hit by a huge storm which resulted in the school roof being blown off. A blessing in disguise, we had just sent all the children home because a gut feeling had told us that something would go terribly wrong. And this gut feeling turned out correct when half an hour later the roof took off for a nice flight and landed in the playground were just before all children had been playing.

So after finishing the new classrooms, which took more than 4 months, it only took 1 hour of a Nepalese storm for the roof to come off again. At least we enjoyed the new rooms for a few months before the storm hit us in all its severity. But you can imagine we were not amused. 

After (again) rebuilding the classrooms we are now pretty sure the roof will not come off again. We strengthen all classrooms with extra steel pins places between the roof and the walls. If it now comes off it has to take the walls as well.

Roof ended up on the playground after a storm blew off a part of the roof

To see more photos of the devastation the storm caused  press the following link–> Gallery and go to: “Mahendra (NVA) album” and press the fourth album.



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