New Toilet For The Deurali School

Deurali school is a partly community, partly government school with children traveling from far to study at this school. The school has 11 classes: from nursery up to class 8 (3 – 14 year old students).

At the end of May 2016 oHoH received a request from the Deurali school to assist them with a new toilet building. The present toilet building was too old, too dirty and too smelly to be used by the children and teachers. There was no water supply in the toilets itself and the toilet “cubicles” were not finished with tiles, just bare cement. This resulted in spilled urine penetrating the cement and causing a very strong and penetrating urine smell. Over the years the smell had become worse and worse and by now entering the toilet was like entering an open sewer, having to close your nose before going in.


Originally there were four toilets and one boy’s pee gutter for around 180 teachers and students. At the time of the request, the girls were left with one working toilet and the boys with one working toilet and a pee gutter. Besides the terrible smell, the toilets had also become a health hazard. Germs and bacteria had free play due to the fact that the cement had become too dirty to be cleaned over the years. Children were afraid to go to the toilet and most teachers, as well as students, had completely stopped using the toilet. They would wait for the school to be finished so they could use their own toilet at home. As a result many students complained about having stomach aches at the end of the day.

Because of the hygienic problems, and hygiene being one of the prime goals of oHoH, we didn’t need to think long before deciding to help the school with their new planned toilet building. After securing funds to finance this project, we finally started building at the end of April 2016. With the help of “Stichting FortUna” (= Dutch foundation) we put the first spade in the ground on April 27th.

The plan was to finish the toilet before the start of the monsoon but sadly enough the pre-monsoon started very early that year. Due to the many showers, the builders had difficulty finishing the outside of the toilet. Inside was no problem due to the closed roof but outside proved to be a major task. They had to work around the showers but with the increasing monsoon it became more and more difficult to finish the outside.

At the end of August 2016 we finally finished the new toilet building. It took a lot of hard work and took more time than we anticipated. Heavy showers, structural shortage of building materials and at times not enough builders were only a few problems we came across.  But now, finally, the new toilet building is finished. 

Curious how the new toilet looks like, press this link: Gallery and go the Deurali Album.



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