New Toilet Building For The NVA School

The Mahendra School is a partly community, partly Government School. NVA School used to be a community school which merged with the Mahendra School in 2016. From this day on the name NVA ceased to exist. All NVA students moved to the Mahendra School.

After commissioning the school in 2011, the first thing oHoH did was renovating the toilet building. The back wall of the toilet was partly down and the students and teachers were looking down a steep cliff. Not a bad view but not very safe of course.
Furthermore the doors to the squat toilets were hanging in their hinges and the girls’ squat toilet door could not even close anymore. The boys’ and girls’ entrance to the pee gutter was open so there was no privacy what so ever. This needed to be changed quickly.

Panoramic view from the boys' toilet. But is it save...?


After hiring a group of builders we started rebuilding the old toilet at end of April 2011. We changed the layout of the toilet completely. The boys received a new entrance making it impossible to look inside their toilet. The opening of the girls’ toilet was moved to the side of the building so no boys peeking in. For the first time since the opening of the school the boys and the girls had their own toilet entrance with their own privacy. The squat toilets now had a closing door and a wall at the back. Too bad about the view but great for safety.

We also made a system with water taps for every separate toilet. We made a steel construction for a 1000 liter water tank connected with the taps in the toilet. And so, for the first time since the school’s opening there was water in the toilets.

After being closed for nearly one month, we reopened the new toilets and from this day on the students can use the toilet without being observed by others.

For more photos of the new toilet building, visit out “Gallery


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