New Toilet For The Thumki School

Shree Thumki Community Boarding School is situated a very small village called Thumki. The school was established in 2063 BS (2006 AD). The school has 11 classes: from nursery up to class 8 (3 – 14 year old students).

At the end of 2008 oHoH became involved in the Thumki School and around February 2009 we started building a new toilet building. The old toilets, which consisted of nothing more than a bunch of leaves and branches put together, were a serious health hazard. There was no water available to flush or to clean yourself with and privacy was virtually non-existent. (See picture below.)

When we wanted to start building we faced some serious problems. Where to get the stones from for the toilet foundation and the septic tank? Where to get the wood from for the door frames? How to get all the building materials down to the new place? However, problems are there to be solved, which we did. The stones came from a river … which was 15 minutes downhill and a 30 minute walk uphill back. The wood came from two complete trees which we sawed in beams which were carried down by the locals. 

It was a lot of work and it took a long time before the preparations were finished. A lot of parents voluntarily helped us by carrying the stones, sand, cement, wood, water, etc. Finally the holes were dug, the wood was sawn and the stones were carried up. After nearly 3 weeks of hard labour we started building the actual new toilet building.

The construction of the toilet went fairly quickly. Local builders were working together in groups of 2-3 people on either the toilet building or the septic tank. Parents helped by providing the builders with food and drinks.

Although the temperature rose to above 35 degrees Celsius no one complained and soon, after only a short 3 weeks, the new toilet building was finished. Thumki School now has 3 nice new toilets made of bricks and cement instead of leaves and branches. And privacy…! Very important.

Do you want to know how the new toilets look like? Visit our Gallery page where you can find all the pictures and a lot more!



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