We Have A YouTube Channel….!

oHoH is a Nepalese based foundation. Since 2006 we have been involved in many different school projects. oHoH is trying to change the life of the underprivileged child/youngster in rural areas.

Besides having a Facebook page we also have a YouTube Channel now a days. Here you can find a big selection of videos. Videos shot at different schools at different events. Videos from sports days, parent days, results days, etc.

Always wanted to know how they organize a sports day in Nepal. How a running track looks like in a small rural village. How they sing and dance on Nepalese music during a parents day, or how a ‘musical chair’ looks like when you don’t have music nor chairs. Trust me: it is possible..!
If you want to know than have a look at our videos in our channel and tell us what you think about it.

We hope we will see you at our YouTube Channel.

As an appetizer you can already watch the movie below, just to make you enthusiastic about our YouTube channel.



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